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Gain the confidence to speak English with anyone in the world.


3 reviews for Speaking English

  1. Abu bkr khan

    I want to learn English

  2. Shakeel Ahmed

    It seems good, but no experience as yet

  3. Sohail

    Hello, I’m from Pakistan. Kindly tell me for $30 / month, how many speaking sessions one can have with you ? And how many hours?? as your site mentions it’s 4000 Pakistani rupees per month. Is it one to one session . And can one choose topics of their own choice to talk with you . Please answer my questions . As I need to prepare for my exam .

    • admin


      I am Carla Riechman, the CEO of Giggle Fest University.

      I am sorry for the late response. Unfortunately I didn’t see this until

      I offer 2 half-hour sessions a week for
      a period of one month. It’s recommended
      that you attend the free English class on
      the website at least once a month. The
      free class gives you confidence to speak
      with a native English speaker publicly.

      The purpose of this program is to help you
      change your mindset from “I cannot” to
      “I can”. I know you can speak English. You
      just need some confidence speaking.

      I will give you as much time as necessary
      to gain that confidence.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

      Sincerely yours,

      Carla Riechman

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