Speaking English

English is the global language that is used throughout the world. It is also the language everyone learns in the world. Because it is not spoken in many countries around the world, there is some fear to speak it.

Many schools through out the world teach English to the children, because of the global use of English. Almost everyone in the world has been taught to read and write English. They can do it very well.

However, most people do not get a chance to speak English. Because of that lack of experience speaking, it is quite normal for a non-English speaker to feel insecure when speaking the language especially with a native speaker.

People often feel that there is a perfect way to speak English, and because they do not have experience speaking, they feel they cannot speak. The fear they have in speaking keeps them from speaking confidently and freely. It is perfectly normal to feel this way.

The best way to gain confidence speaking English is by speaking English with someone who has been speaking with native English speakers.

The benefits of speaking English at Giggle Fest University:

  • Carla Riechman has spoken with thousands of non native English speaking people from around the world
  • Students learn to smile and laugh as they learn to speak English.
  • Students learn that making a mistake is part of learning to speak English.
  • Students from around the world have gained confidence speaking English at the Learn English by Speaking English Show
  • Students have gained confidence to take the ILETS test and pass it without a problem Join our group and improve your English speaking skills. Benefits are:
  • Speak with Carla on a group Facebook Live
  • Ask Carla Riechman questions about speaking English
  • Carla will encourage you to speak
  • Make friends in the group who will speak with you in English Fee Structure Weekly subscription $10 Pakistan $20 US Monthly subscription $15 Pakistan $30 US


Gain the confidence to speak English with anyone in the world.



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