Laughter Meditation

Science has found that a smile and some laughter are the most powerful antidepressants in the world.

When we smile, there are glands under the eyes that activate the endocrine (or the happy hormone) system in the brain.
This sends a message to every cell in the brain to replace the stressful hormones with the happy hormones. Our body automatically begins to relax and feel the stress disappear.

Many people are afraid to laugh out loud, so every meditation session begins with a Smile Meditation which helps the individual relax and prepare for intense laughter. It’s a simple guided meditation and essential for an intense laughter session.

Intense laughter releases stress in the body. In fact, laughter has been said to be equated with inner jogging of the body. All the organs get a massage which helps to release stress in all parts of the body.

Our breathing becomes more stable, and our hearts begin to pump blood more efficiently through the body.

People feel totally relaxed and happy after a session.

We have a membership group for Laughter Meditation.
This group gives you access to:
One month of free access to the group which includes 

  • Access to our signature Smile and Laughter Meditations that you will not find any where else in the world
  • Weekly live Laughter Meditation with Carla Riechman which you can enjoy at your convenience on replay
  • Tips about Laughter Meditation
  • Ask questions of Carla Riechman about our unique programs Monthly subscription is $15/month One week subscription $5/week (Pakistan) $20/month One week subscription $10/week Sign up for a Laughter Meditation Session now either privately or with family and friends. $25 for every five people Refunds must be requested with 24 hour notice ahead of the scheduled time.
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