Learn English for People Under 20 Years Old — August 25, 2019

Learn English for People Under 20 Years Old — August 25, 2019

Carla Riechman and Pamela Hills of Pamela Hills Country Kitchen spoke to people under 20 years old today on the Learn English by Speaking English show. We spoke a lot about youth doing some research on what they want to do so they can express themselves with more confidence speaking in their native language as well as speaking in English about their aspirations for the future.


Awais Malik is very determined to learn and speak in English, and he was the first one to speak with us today. He wants to be a graphic designer, and he showed us a logo he designed for his Facebook page. He used letters that did not match his own name. We told him the importance of portraying himself as himself so people know who he is.

Bareeha Ali came to the show. We spoke about her upcoming visit to the Mecca. Carla worked on getting Bareeha to explain the importance of the trip to Mecca for a Muslim in an English conversation. The 10 year old had some challenges with it, but she did very well considering her age and her ability to speak English. We also spoke about the type of clothes she will be wearing on the trip.

Mohammad Ahsan spoke about his desire to be a freelancer, but he really did not understand what a freelancer is. We spoke about the importance of understanding what he wants to do as he learns English conversation online. He was very apologetic for not knowing what he wants to do, and we told him it was okay he did not know. It was a challenge for him to understand that he is young and still learning. He is not expected to know everything. He just needs to learn and gain an understanding.

Anis Ali joined the show for the first time from Pakistan. He is 19 years old, and he lives in a city near Multan. He just finished his 2nd year of college and is  studying computer sciences  for freelancing and SEO. Ali wants to develop a YouTube channel as well as develop websites. He came to the show to practice speaking English.

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Learn English for People Under 20 Years Old — August 25, 2019

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