Learn English by Speaking English–August 21, 2019

Learn English by Speaking English–August 21, 2019

Pamela Hills of Pamela Hills Country Kitchen on Facebook Live  took some time to join Carla Riechman on the Learn English by Speaking English Show today to speak with people who want to learn how to have conversations in English. The show started with some hearty laughter from host, Carla Riechman, who also teaches people to put on their smile and let out some laughter, so the fear of speaking live on camera in English is lessened. Carla has made a rule that everyone needs to smile as they wait their turn to speak in English.

Hashir Ali joined us for the first time today. He is a communication specialist using IT, and he communicates with different areas of government, fire fighters, and police in order to get needed work completed. His ability to use English in conversation was amazing. He also spoke about how the show has helped him improve his confidence speaking English.

Faisan Sheri joined the show and spoke about his dream to plant trees in Pakistan. He is a 21 year old young man who has big dreams and a lot of ambition to save not only his hometown, but also his country and the planet. Faison has a wonderful English vocabulary.

Danish Salam, a student at Giggle Fest University's class, Speak English, came and spoke. His confidence speaking in English has grown. He was afraid to come to show, but, today, he was able to speak in English with very little hesitation. The growth in confidence is amazing.

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Learn English by Speaking English–August 21, 2019

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