Learn English by Speaking English — August 29, 2019

Learn English by Speaking English — August 29, 2019

Carla Riechman hosted the Learn English by Speaking English Show regardless of all the technical challenges which gave the show a very late start.

Michael Diederich from the Netherlands came to help begin the show. Michael spoke in English  about the importance of recognizing that when one has done all that can be done from the his or her side, it is time to let go and let things happen as they may. He made the point that putting a smile on your face and letting out some laughter is the best thing to do. 

Ashish K Mishra, from New Dehli, India, also came t0 the show. He helped begin the show with Michael. His permanent smile on his face and English speaking skills helped calm down the frustration that Carla was experiencing from the late start. 

Ali G returned to the show to improve his English speaking skills. He spoke about what he does to control his temper when things go out of control. Ali is also known for holding up signs to remind people to smile as they are listening to others speak English.

Barreha Ali also joined the show to practice speaking English. She spoke about how she controls her anger by walking away from the situation and doing some breathing exercises. She said it calms her down, and the exercises make her more capable of handling a tense situation.

There were several other guests who came to practice English speaking skills.  Mohammad Ahsan, Awais Hameed, Nazish Nazir, Basit Kahn, and Muhammad Adnan Sharif practiced English conversation with Carla during the show.

Please join the the Learn English by Speaking English Show Monday through Thursday. Carla does a show for Women Only on Fridays  and People Under 20 on Sunday. All shows are at 9:30pm Pakistan time and 12:30pm New York time.

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Learn English by Speaking English — August 29, 2019

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