Learn English by Speaking English — August 27, 2019

Learn English by Speaking English — August 27, 2019

Carla Riechman hosted the Learn English by Speaking English Show today with several participants joining the program. The show had a discussion defining the word saint. Different people had a different definition when using the word saint in English conversation.

Mohammad Ahsan came, and he was telling Carla about Multan where he lives. Ahsan said that Multan is the city of saints in Pakistan.Carla asked him what he meant by the word "saint". She asked him to define the word in English conversation.

Carla also spoke with Rizwan who wanted to improve his English speaking skills online by speaking on this platform. He introduced Carla to his son and promised her that his children will join Carla and speak English online  on the show for youth under 20 years old on Sundays at 9:30pm Pakistan time.

Ali G joined the show and brought some smiles with his signs that reminded people to smile as they were waiting  and listening to others speak in English.

Nora also joined the show in order to practice speaking in English as well as several other people who enjoyed a chance to learn English online Sunday through Thursday on Rehan Allahwala's wall.

Feel free to join us and learn to be confident speaking English at 9:30pm Pakistan time and 12:30pm New York time.

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Learn English by Speaking English — August 27, 2019

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