Learn English by Speaking English — August 22, 2019

Learn English by Speaking English — August 22, 2019

About the Host and Cohost

Carla Riechman, a native English speaker from Washington, DC area, is the host of the Learn English by Speaking English Show  on Rehan Allahwala's Facebook page at 9:30pm Pakistan time and 12:30pm New York time. She believes that the world will become a better place when people begin speaking English, the global language of the world. There is no need to give up the native language of the country in which you live. Just add English so you can speak with anyone globally.

Pamela Hills appears on the show a few times a week to assist Carla with the show. She is the host of Pamela Hills Country Kitchen which is also on Facebook several times a week. Pamela lives in Newark, Ohio, and she is also a native English speaker.

Guests at the Learn English by Speaking English Show

The guests come from all over the world to speak English with Carla Sunday through Thursday ranging from 8 years old to adults. Some are native English speakers from the United States, Australia, and the UK. Others may be from countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia such as Pakistan and India. Everyone is welcome to join the show either for the whole show or just a part of the show.

Some of the guests at the show today included:

Mohammad Ahsan, a 17 year old boy, who wants to do website design as a freelancer. Ahsan realizes the speaking English will make his business a global business and not only a local business. This will bring him more clients.

Abdul Basit is originally from Pakistan, but he now lives in Saudi Arabia. He came to the show for the first time today. Abdul teaches English and business at Lincoln University.

Faisan Sheri is a 22 year old man who just finished school for the year. He want to teach people to be successful in business. He also loves nature and is passionate about planting trees in Pakistan to a make his town green. He is also very anxious to have English conversation as part of his skills.

Basit Kahn is a social work student in Karachi, Pakistan. He has also started a YouTube channel called Grumpy Face.

Bareeha Ali is a 12-year old girl who loves to read books to children, ride horses, and work with archery. She is an all around girl who loves learning. She also reads stories on Facebook Live for children to read.

Listed above are only a few of the people who came to speak English online with Carla today.

Please check out the show Sunday through Thursday at 9:30pm Pakistan time and 12:30pm New York time.

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Learn English by Speaking English — August 22, 2019

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