Learn English by Speaking English August 15, 2019

Learn English by Speaking English August 15, 2019

Today Pamela Hills of Pamela Hills Country Kitchen joined Carla Riechman to speak in English with many different people of different ages and backgrounds from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. Fun was had by all.

Ali Hamza joined the conversation. He just began speaking English and learned English from the Berlitz Language tapes. His English was outstanding for someone who has just begun speaking in English.

The three cousins of the Malik family joined us and spoke about a favored Pakistani dessert, Halva. Muhammad Ahsan did the most speaking, but his cousin from the army and Awais Malik also spoke to us as they enjoyed their Eid Celebration.

A nine year old boy, Yousaf, spoke about his life and what he enjoys to do as well as Hafis Abdul Qadir. They were invited to join the show for the Under 20 Year Old Group on Sundays.

Basit Kahn, alias The Smiley Guy, told some funny stories about a friend of his who supposedly being helpful, but he never followed through on his promises.

An interior designer, M Imran Khan, and friend from Saudi Arabia joined us once again to speak in English. We haven't seen him for a long time.

There were others who joined us. The show was wonderful.

Please come join us and speak in English with a smile and some laughter sometime soon.

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Learn English by Speaking English August 15, 2019

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